International Office

The international activities of the Faculty of Economics are not only coordinated in order to correspond with the University´s international links, but also draw on the initiative and interest of both students and staff of the Faculty. Only the long-term building of international links will enable and help students and teachers to develop international cooperation, to gain new information, experience and skills. Currently, staff and students can take advantage of institutionally provided international activities on the basis of contractual agreements, the support of the Faculty management, the activities of the International Office and its work with the individual departments, as well as funding from Erasmus and Czech Education Ministry programmes.

The International Office:

  • facilitates, promotes and supports the Faculty´s international links in line with the University´s international policy,
  • coordinates the Faculty´s cooperation with universities and institutions in other countries,
  • organizes exchange visits for students and staff,
  • assists in organizing EU programmes (Erasmus, Grundtvig, EEA-Norway Financial Mechanisms, Tempus, etc.).

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