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ICEI 2020 – Thank You for being at the Event!

Dear colleague/ICEI friend, 

Thank you very much for participating at our 5th International Conference on European Integration 2020 (ICEI 2020); we appreciate your friendship and popularity with ICEI as well as e-ICEI.

ICEI is already a traditional event, but this year it took place unconventionally, i.e. in a non-traditional form. So what are ICEI 2020 highlights?

  • New, unexpected, challenging, virtual, but successful concept.
  • In numbers like this:
    • 1-2-4-9-12-39-56-77-108-180-191-200-540-∞
      • 1st online ICEI = e-ICEI 2020.
      • 2 parts of printed proceedings.
      • 4 professional lectures from conference partners.
      • 9 conference partners.
      • 12 different countries of our participants.
      • 39 of presentations on conference programme.
      • 56 passive participants.
      • 77 active participants.
      • 108 papers in proceedings.
      • 180 pieces of printed proceedings.
      • 191 authors of papers in proceedings.
      • 200 pieces of CD proceedings.
      • 540 minutes in virtual world via MS Teams.
      • Endless hours of preparation, testing, administration, technical security, writing emails, meetings, networkings, brainstorming, telephoning and other necessary activities, thanks to which ICEI 2020 was successfully completed.

That is why we would like to thank you all for being with us!

We wish the best for you and success in your future. We hope to see you at our next event.

Sincerely, Michaela

Ostrava, 10.12.2020



Dear colleague/ICEI friend, 

Thank you very much for your interest in our 5th International Conference on European Integration 2020 (ICEI 2020); we appreciate your friendship and popularity with ICEI.

In March, when we have informed you about our decision to postpone ICEI 2020 from May to December, we all hoped that the covid-19 situation would calm down, and we believed that Christmas time would be the time when everything will be behind us, and nothing will prevent the organisation of the conference.

What do you have saved in your diaries for date 3rd and 4th December 2020? Yes, we know it – ICEI 2020. Yes, you are right, don't worry, this doesn't change like other things. Unfortunately, man proposes, and God disposes, and the covid-19 situation is not developing as we would like, on the contrary, what impact on the organisation of ICEI 2020 in traditional offline mode.

Concerning the unfavourable epidemiological covid-19 situation since the beginning of September, we continuously monitor, analyse and evaluate developments both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and unfortunately not only restrictions at our government level and therefore at the university level, but also restrictions in neighbouring countries.

Therefore, due to the ever-changing situation surrounding the organisation of events related to the covid-19, we decided to hold ICEI 2020 in online mode.

With a heavy heart, we leave the traditional offline mode of the conference, but from a professional, but mostly realistic point of view, we consider this step reasonable without underestimating the possible health risks for all participants and interested parties, which also applies to you.

We continue to prepare ICEI with the knowledge that it will only take place in an online environment. Unfortunately, we will lose personal contact with you, our participants, ICEI friends. We believe that currently, it is the best possible and compromise solution for all of us. We understand that you may not be able to attend the conference in person, but we hope you can still participate and meet us online. We hope this will provide you with flexibility and options in participating at the conference.

Thank you for your understanding and upcoming cooperation = nothing ends, ICEI will be, but otherwise :-)

You will be informed immediately of the next steps = participation questionnaire.

Hold on and keep us in favour!

ICEI Organizing Guarantee

Ostrava, 2.11.2020




Dear conference participants,

due to current rapid developments around the coronavirus pandemic (progress in the Czech Republic, neighbouring countries, Europe and the world, emergency, restrictions on the free movement of persons, closure of borders, closure of schools, hotels, etc.), we would like to inform you that we have decided to postpone ICEI 2020 from May to a new term. Remaining on the original date of May, 20 – 22, 2020 is hazard from today's perspective. Nothing should be underestimated, and caution is in place, but it is important to maintain a positive and peace of mind.

After a thorough analysis of the current security situation, the reaction of the partners, the possibilities of suppliers, the state of preparation of the conference, not to endanger you and at the same time not to disappoint you as participants, the new term for ICEI is 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2020, again with a specific design topic – Special Christmas Event :-)

With the postponement of the conference, the deadlines has been changed:

  • for active participant with paperpaper submission to April 15, 2020
  • for fee payment to June 15, 2020
  • for passive participant without paper – nothing changes, only the change of fee payment deadline.

ICEI 2020 is a long-distance run, but let's keep our fingers crossed, and we can do it!

Please, save the new date into your diaries and we are looking forward to meeting you in December!

Thank you for understanding,

ICEI Organizing Guarantee

Ostrava, 18.3.2020



Dear conference participants,

in the context of the recent occurrence of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we provide essential information on this situation that could be an impact on ICEI

The situation is new both for you and for us. We are monitoring, analyzing and evaluating the situation. The Czech Republic has introduced a wide range of preventative measures which rank among the strictest of those imposed by the EU countries in this regard.

At this moment, preparations are continuing in full-time, we are working on the review process, and the conference proceedings will be published.

We believe that the situation will not threaten ICEI on 20-22 May 2020. However, if any measures will be in force at the time of ICEI, we will respect them and inform you in advance. All our steps will follow the rules of the Czech Republic Government and the decision of the Rector of the VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava.

Thank you for understanding,

ICEI Organizing Guarantee

Ostrava, 12.3.2020