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Graduates of follow-up study programs may apply for admission to doctoral programs.

  • Doctoral studies last 4 years. The graduate is awarded the Ph.D.
  • Doctoral studies are available to study in full-time and combined form.
  • Doctoral studies can be studied in Czech or English.
  • Study consists of the study part completed by the state doctoral examination and the scientific-professional part focused on the processing of the dissertation thesis completed by its defense.
  • A single credit system compatible with the European Credit Transfer System for student mobility within European educational programs is used to quantify the progress of studies in the doctoral program.
  • The Vice-Dean for Science, Research and Doctoral Studies prof. Ing. Jana Hančlová is the guarantor of the doctoral studies.
  • Study matters are handled within a Department of Doctoral Studies by Ing. Michalíková Šárka.

Study programme Economy and Management

Information for applicants

Doctoral degree in Economy and Management allows by its structure and content focus to link to the knowledge gained from master's degree. It is a major research-oriented knowledge and skills associated with the study of many subjects that are tied to the functional areas of business systems. Within the scientific-research preparation, students are trained in subjects including applications of exact methods that enhance the effectiveness of both analytical activities in the company, and the search and evaluation of alternatives solutions to various business problems. In the study, students also process research and professional work using scientific methods and approaches to the issues of these works. These works then enable the preparation of the final doctoral dissertation with significant levels of work-oriented work as a research nature. This work is the ultimate goal of doctoral studies in the field. Throughout the study, doctoral students are taught by professional tutors.
Detail information
Faculty Faculty of Economics
Type of study Doctoral
Language of instruction English
Code of the programme P0413D050002
Czech title of the programme Ekonomika a management
English title of the programme Economy and Management
Regular period of the study 4 years
Coordinating department Department of Management
Coordinator doc. Ing. Petra Horváthová, Ph.D.
Key words systems and methods of decision making, organization and organizational structures,
Business administration, management, marketing and trade,
analytical activities and methods of analysis, communication systems,
human resources, business performance
accounting, business law, financial management, business
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Ing. Želasková Sylvie
Assistant for doctoral studies

Phone number: +420 597 322 019
Phone number: +420 597 322 001

Information for students of doctoral studies can be found in InNET.