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Coronavirus traffic light

You can use the Coronavirus traffic light to monitor the current situation at the university.

11. International Week Online

October 5-9, 2020

ONLINE professional lectures in English for all

We offer all students, employees, as well as the general public several interesting professional lectures in English for FREE.

Study at Faculty of Economics

Join us at Faculty of Economics and become an auditor, risk analyst, economic or financial analyst, project manager, banker, marketing specialist and more. Live your student life in Ostrava, you won´t regret it! Are you interested in Degree or Exchange study? 

We are 501+ !!!

Do you want to study economics or business programs at a highly rated faculty?
The Faculty of Economics ranked one of the most-watched and recognized university rankings (Times Higher Education) in Business & Economics for 2019/20 as 501+ in the world.

Why Faculty of Economics?

  • situated in Ostrava – 3rd largest city in CZ with 2 universities
  • low cost of living
  • easy administration
  • lot of sports and cultural activities
  • international environment