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By plane
It is possible to arrive in Ostrava by plane, either from Prague or Vienna. Leoš Janáček Ostrava International Airport (OSR) is located just 20 km from the city centre and can be easily reached by taxi – the fare is around 800 CZK, (approx.30 EUR) or public transport
By train
There are two ways how to get from Prague airport to Prague city centre, to the main railway station “Hlavní nádraží” or you can go by bus and use the metro.
The train journey from Prague to Ostrava takes around 3 hours. Ostrava has five railway stations. For you the best one to use is Ostrava – Hlavní nádraží” station to the city center or "Ostrava- Svinov" station to the university campus. You can choose from a few types of trains Pendolino train,  LEO Express train,  RegioJet train.
Transport information:
By car
The City of Ostrava is an important transport hub and the main intersection of the Moravian-Silesian Region. It is easily accessible from several directions.
The city area is crossed by an important international route – the I/11 – E75 (from Budapest to Gdansk). Ostrava is connected to the rest of Europe with the completion of the D47 highway, which will join up with the D1 (Prague/Brno) and the Polish A1 (Katowice/Gdansk/Helsinki). The D47 is a part of the VI.B Trans European network (TEN) multimodal corridor going North – South, from Katowice – Bohumín – Ostrava – Brno – Vienna.

GPS location

N 49°50.37033'
E 18°17.48837'