How to get to Ostrava

By plane

There is a local airport in Ostrava called "Leos Janacek" with the following regular international direct flights:

Scheduled flights:

OSTRAVA - Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG)
OSTRAVA - PARIS (Charles de Gaull)

Airport code: OSR

More information on the flights, getting to and from the airport etc. is available here.

By train

There are plenty of regular train conections between Ostrava and other Czech or European cities. 
Organizing committee will provide information on request how to get to Ostrava. 
An automatic connection search according to your requests is carried out by the IDOS electronic timetable that enables to combine train-bus-boat-plane-mass urban transport connections. You can find your connection on-line here (click in the right-down corner on the page for English version).

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