Základní informace

Objective of the conferencee

Presentation, discussion, and information exchange in the area of the financial management and decision-making of the financial and non-financial companies.

Conference date

6th - 7th September 2011

Conference guarantee

prof. Dr. Zdeněk Zmeškal
prof. Dr. Dana Dluhošová

Conference topics

  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • financial analysis of the company,
  • financial sources of the company,
  • company valuation,
  • tax burden and tax incentives analysis,
  • legislative changes in taxes,
  • current problems in banking and insurance sector,
  • bank position in business environment support,
  • bank management,
  • capital markets,
  • financial variables forecasting,
  • market, interest, currency and commodity risk,
  • Value at Risk application,
  • real options application,
  • optimization and portfolio management,
  • hedging strategies application, financial derivatives valuation,
  • etc.

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