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The Department of International Economic Relations regularly organizes the International Conference on European Integration (ICEI), which aims to open a space for scientific discussion on current and future issues of European integration, its opportunities, and threats in the economic and monetary union, cohesion and competitiveness of the European Union, external relations and security of the European Union, international economic integration and globalization, as well as (taking into account current trends in the social sciences) in terms of a quantitative approach to European Union issues. The conference hosts participants mainly from the countries of the European Union - from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, but also from countries outside the EU, namely Japan, Russia, and Turkey, which come to Ostrava in within the individual years of the conference and the number of participants is on average about a hundred. The continuous increase in conference participants reflects the increased interest in current European events and the need to discuss and find solutions to current problems and challenges of European integration. The fact that this is a conference that is unique in its focus on European integration also plays a role. From a scientific research point of view, the indexing of proceedings to the Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) database available on the Web of Science ™ (Clarivate Analytics) also speaks about the quality of the conference.

International Conference on European Integration

International scientific conference

VŠB – TUO, Faculty of Economy
Department of European Integration