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Milan Vukićević, PhD

is an associate professor in the Center for Machine Learning and Decision Making, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade. He has an extensive academic and industry experience in the development and application of Machine learning and Decision-making algorithms in different application areas including Healthcare, HR, Marketing and Education. His main research interests include fair and envy-free machine learning and decision-making, model interpretability, group decision making and crowdsourcing.

Dimitrios Sotiros, PhD

has been an Assistant Professor at the Department of Operations Research and Business Intelligence, Faculty of Management, Wroclaw Tech, since October 2020. He has an interdisciplinary academic background with Bachelor in Mathematics, and Master and PhD in Informatics from Greece. Post his PhD, he continued his research activities in Portugal, as a researcher, for three years. His main research interests focus on performance measurement, multi-criteria decision making and multi-objective programming. His findings are published in top-tier journals, and he is a reviewer in several well-respected international scientific journals. Currently, he is the Principal Investigator of the research project “Non-parametric approaches for the performance measurement of units with complex internal structure”, funded under the OPUS competition of the NCN. In cooperation with his team, he aims to shed light on the peculiarities that permeate the models in Network Data Envelopment Analysis (NDEA), to strengthen the mathematical foundations in this area and to extend the applicability and reliability of NDEA in management science.

Henri Pirkkalainen, PhD

is an associate professor of Information and Knowledge Management in Tampere University. His research interest is in technology adoption, dark side of information systems use and knowledge management. Pirkkalainen manages national projects on AR and VR by collaborating actively with the leading technology companies in Finland. These national, company-funded projects are specifically related to adoption of AR and VR in industries. The team of Assistant Professor Pirkkalainen is currently working on new types of social VR application and scenarios which enable multiple users to collaborate and educate each other in VR environments.   Pirkkalainen has published in many of the leading journals listed by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) and has chaired and acted as an associate editor for many AIS conferences.