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Special topics for this year

The effects of the Covid 19 pandemic on the economy

The impact of the energy crisis on business in the EU

A. Strategic Management

  • Strategic management models, techniques and tools
  • Organizational and social dimension of strategic management
  • Theoretical concepts of strategic management
  • Professional precondition for strategic management
  • Current trends in the strategic management in the modern knowledge society

B. Quantitative Methods in Management

  • Project, program and portfolio management
  • Mathematical modelling and simulation
  • Decision-making methods and optimization
  • Econometric modelling

C. Current Trends and Issues in Information Systems Design, Management and Security

  • Data, requirements, process and events modelling
  • Cybersecurity, information assets management and data protection
  • Current issues and challenges of the Industry 4.0
  • Current trends of information systems development and deployment

D. Applications of New Media and Intelligent Tools in the Digital Economy and modelling

  • Business Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery from Data
  • Digitization technologies for the support of information assets management
  • Virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies for advanced industrial, public sector and personal applications
  • Role of IT in education