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The Department of Accounting and Taxes regularly organizes professional seminars and workshops, and members of the department are the authors or co-authors of many publications, contributions, and articles in major journals. The department is also involved in scientific projects. The members of the department published in the areas of accounting and taxes of business and non-business entities, in the areas of international aspects of accounting and taxes, in the areas of reporting, consolidation, auditing, insolvency, and managerial accounting, and in the areas of tax theories in connection with the harmonization of direct and indirect taxes in the EU.

Science, research, and practice

  • Financial reporting and auditing in business corporations,
  • Acquisitions and transformations of business corporations,
  • Managerial accounting and controlling in business corporations,
  • Wage issues from the perspective of the employer and employee,
  • Application of direct and indirect taxes to business entities,
  • Insolvency proceedings, bankruptcy, and debt relief,
  • Specifics of financial accounting of business corporations,
  • Specifics of accounting for non-governmental non-profit organizations - associations, foundations, endowment funds, institutes, public benefit societies, churches, political parties,
  • Tax legislation of the European Union,
  • Impacts of legislative changes in the area of ​​direct and indirect taxes on the behavior of taxpayers, consumers, and the state budget (personal and corporate income tax, VAT, consumer, energy, the potential introduction of the Carbon Tax),
  • International income taxation,
  • Cross-border VAT taxation,
  • Tax evasion and tax havens,
  • Bankruptcy of entrepreneurial natural and legal persons and its impact on the economic environment of the company, the course of insolvency proceedings, the requisites of the insolvency petition - bankruptcy, debt relief, the requisites of the creditor's application.