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An integral part to the Department of Law activities, the scientific and research activities of its members are. The results of the department's science and research consist mainly of high-quality publication outputs in important legal and economic periodicals or comprehensive monographs. Furthermore, the results of scientific research activities are presented at professional international scientific conferences, either organized directly by the department or through active participation. An important part of the scientific research, a participation in various projects and grants is being carried out especially by the department partners.

Of course, the law is a correlative element of the department research activities in all its forms, from clearly theoretical problems to purely practical questions. Each department member deals with a particular area of research, either individually or in a scientific team. As it comes to the professional activity, the department focuses mainly on the following areas:

  • application of legal regulations in business,
  • associations in the Moravian-Silesian Region,
  • financial law, insurance law, tax law, budgetary law, comparative law of public finances
  • trade law,
  • labour law,
  • approximation and harmonization of national law when applying the EU standards,
  • international trade law,
  • alternative means of resolving disputes in economic relations, including arbitration,
  • protection of foreign direct investment.

The Department of Law has been participating in the Czech Yearbook project since 2009, which aims to create an open forum for the presentation and exchange of diverse legal perspectives of Central and Eastern Europe authors being easily accessible to readers around the world. The Czech Yearbook project consists of the Czech Yearbook of International Law and the Czech (and Eastern European) Yearbook of Arbitration. The project is sponsored by prof. Bělohlávek. More information

Besides the participation of department members in international conferences, the Department of Law organizes its own international conferences, common theme of which the interaction of law and economics is.