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How to communicate with students in digital education?

One of the aims of the DANTE project was to develop new solutions that could support the communication in the digital environment while teaching. To develop the proposed solutions we have applied various methodologies, to revise the opinions, ideas and suggestions of the students and teachers from the partner Universities, to identify the potential areas of concern in digital communication (in particular those that emerged during pandemic) and the possible routes to its improvement. We have also revised the existing academic literature (and the empirical evidence within) to track the communication styles that have been confirmed to be efficient in the digital environment.

Our findings within have been twice a subject of the discussion with the partner Universities.

Based on this work, we developed the final set of guidelines to address the proper communication tools and communication styles, to enhance the learning outcomes in digital educations.

Video - DANTE - Drawing students’ attention

Video - Dante - Different personalities, different communication styles