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The scientific research activities of the department are mainly focused on consumer behavior. The subject of the department's scientific interest are differences in consumer behavior according to age generations, even in the international context, the role of reference groups in the purchasing process, and the typology of consumer behavior. Among the partial topics that the department deals with, belong CRM application, online marketing, retail analysis, and the role of quality labels in the B2C market.

Science, research, and practice

  • Research studies (measuring customer or employee satisfaction, analysis of consumer behavior, analysis of brand awareness and image, possibilities of introducing a new product or brand to the market, product testing on the B2C market, segmentation studies).
  • Consulting in the field of digital marketing (social media, websites).
  • Purchasing management consulting.
  • Food quality labels.
  • Marketing communication.
  • Business activities, business strategies.
  • International marketing and foreign trade.