Fakultní konference
Each year the faculty organizes more than a dozen conferences and workshops. Faculty publishes three professional journals and student magazine Sokolská 33 in Czech.

esc-logo Erasmus Student Network VŠB-TUO is student association helping foreign students at our university to enjoy their time in Ostrava. Feel free to join us on whatever activities we organize, no matter if you're Czech or foreigner.


International Week 2016

We are pleased to invite you to the 7th International Week at the Faculty of Economics, VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic.


5.9.2016 - 6.9.2016, HOTEL HARMONY CLUB, 28. října 170, Ostrava - Mariánské hory | Goal: Presentation and discussion of the new developments in the area of the managing and modelling of financial risks in the financial and non-financial companies and institutions.
23.11.2016 - 24.11.2016, Hotel Mercure Ostrava Center, Českobratrská 18/1742, Ostrava | The 3rd International Scientific Conference is taking place in Hotel Mercure, Ostrava.

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