Volume III

Velčovská, Š. (2013).
Product Management.
Series of Economics Textbooks, Vol. 3.
Ostrava: VŠB-TU Ostrava, 196 s., vazba měkká.
ISBN 978-80-248-3070-4.

The study text is focused on a product management on B2C market and has been prepared to provide support in study of the Product Management course. Product management is an interdisciplinary function within a company dealing with the planning and marketing of products and their attributes at all stages of their product life cycle.

Text is divided into twelve chapters. In chapters 1 and 2, introduction to product management is given and marketing approaches to product and its attributes are explained. Chapters 3 – 5 deals with product policy, product analysis and strategies, new product development process, launching new product into the market, and managing product through its life cycle. Special attention is given to product testing methods and techniques usable in new product development as well as for testing of an established product. Product attributes such as quality, packaging, product design, and brand are presented in chapters 6 – 10. Chapter 11 is devoted to quantitative and qualitative marketing research methods usable in product management. Case studies related to selected problems of product management are included in the last chapter.

The text has primarily been prepared for students of the Faculty of Economics VSB – Technical University Ostrava on Marketing and Business major, and for those enrolled in the Erasmus Exchange Programme. It could also be useful to any other students and persons interested in the product management issues.

The publication was supported by the European Social Fund within the project CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0296.

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