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The members of the department deal with research topics such as operations research, econometrics, application of multicriteria methods in decision making, project management and risk management, organizational diagnostics and building information systems of organizations (with special focus on planning and management support subsystems, i.e. Business Intelligence and data analytics). The individual areas of research at the department are:

  • mathematical programming and optimization (including the application of a stochastic and fuzzy approach),
  • application of multicriteria decision-making methods,
  • econometric modeling and time series analysis,
  • evaluation of organizational performance (non-parametric and parametric approaches - DEA, SFA),
  • analysis, design and implementation of Business Intelligence systems and solutions for the analysis of structured and unstructured data,
  • project and process management in organizations,
  • analysis and risk management in organizations,
  • organizational diagnostics in the rationalization of organizational structures and management in organizations.