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Research of the Department of Regional and Environmental Economics concentrates on relevant themes connected with transformation of old industrial regions, location conceptions, territorial marketing, demosocial analyses of selected spatial units, environmental analyses of selected spatial units and cross-border regions.

Publication activities are one of the departmental strengths and include numerous outcomes in both Web of Science and Scopus databases. Nonetheless, the department is active also in terms of the organization of various conferences and seminars. Clubs of regionalists or the communication platform between academicians and practitioners or conference on Regional disparities and economic entities in territorial development can serve as just an example of wide departmental activities. In collaboration with Regional Studies Association Transition, the department organized seminar entitled Transition and Resilience for Post-industrial Agglomerations in Central Europe: Diagnosis and Evaluation.

Research, Development and Practice

  • Urban and regional development
  • Restructuring industrial regions
  • Media and territorial development
  • Territorial marketing
  • Cross-border regions
  • Location conceptions
  • Environmental analysis of selected spatial units
  • Application of voluntary tools of environmental policy at company level in the direction of sustainable development
  • Demographic analyses with focus on employees
  • Demosocial analyses of selected spatial units