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The department of Mathematical Methods in Economics of the Faculty of Economics VŠB-TUO was founded in 1993 with the aim to support the application of mathematical and statistical methods in economics both in theoretical and practical terms.

The Department provides teaching of mathematics, statistics, and selected quantitative methods for all programs and fields of bachelor's and master's studies at the Faculty of Economics, and also participates in teaching in doctoral studies, MBA courses, and the University of the Third Age.

Although the department does not guarantee its study program or field, mathematics and statistics belong to the basic theoretical subjects in all study programs at the faculty, so all students studying at the Faculty of Economics will meet the teachers and subjects of this department without exception.

In the field of science and research, the department is involved in solving research and development projects (GAČR, TAČR, RP), including international ones (ESF). The members of the department are the authors of monographs and university textbooks, they publish in domestic and foreign journals, they speak at professional conferences.

The department cooperates with workplaces with a similar focus at other faculties and universities, including foreign ones. It has also been trying to cooperate with companies and institutions in the public and private spheres.