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The department has long focused its research activities on the following areas: Process analysis and support of process management, IT management/governance and management of IT services, Business Intelligence, Petri nets, and soft computing methods to support managerial decision-making.

Science, research, and practice

  • Training and development of applications in Microsoft Office with Visual Basic for Application support.
  • Support for process management, providing of process analysis, process optimization. Resource utilization optimization using dynamic simulation.
  • Application of the process model of the organization and its simulation.
  • Consulting and implementation in the field of IT governance/management. Cobit framework. Management of IT services, IT/business alignment.
  • Training and programming of macros in Excel (all difficulties).
  • Training and development in Microsoft Access (all difficulties).
  • Training, design, and development on the JAVA platform.
  • Microsoft Power BI training (basics).
  • SQL programming language in the MS SQL Server environment (basics).
  • Solution of enterprise order cycle systems to support material resources in organizations using soft computing methods.
  • Soft computing applications for time-series predictions.