Before arriving in the Czech Republic

When you are nominated by your university as an Erasmus student, please fill in electronic

Application for Erasmus+ 

Documents necessary for entry and staying in the Czech Republic :

Up to 90 days
- Valid passport
- Financial Agreement or other form of confirmation by your university that you have received a grant
- Confirmation of guaranteed accommodation in the Czech Republic
- 3 photos
- Your health insurance card

A visa, if the home country of the visitor has not signed an agreement with the Czech Republic on visa-free relations. Visas can be obtained from Czech Republic embassies and consulates abroad. A short-term stay, for which a passport and visa are sufficient, is defined as lasting up to 90 days.


Note !!!!!
You can only apply for the permit outside of the Czech Republic . Application on Czech territory is impossible.







Admission Requirements/Procedure for Erasmus+ Programme

If the student wishes to come to study at VŠB-TU Ostrava in the frame of Erasmus+ Programme first of all student needs to find out whether there has been signed  the Erasmus+ Inter-institutional agreement between his home university (sending institution)  and VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava (receiving institution).
The first contact must be at students' home university where student should obtain all necessary information concerning study conditions and application procedure.

Exchange students (Erasmus+ and others) can choose from a wide range of courses offered by all our departments in English as well as additional courses in German and Spanish. The current list of courses taught in a particular academic year can be found on Section 8 ECTS Guide or on our website List of Courses.

Application for Erasmus+stay at VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava must be submitted through our Information System EDISON. Applicants have to fill in the whole application form in the on-line form, after validation from our Faculty coordinator applicants have to print the Learning Agreement and submit it duly signed through the on-line system EDISON or send the original copy of your Learning Agreement (only if required by your home university) to the relevant Faculty coordinator.

Deadline for subbmitting applications:

  • 15 MAY for the winter semester   and the whole academic year ( 30 APRIL for students from countries with the visa requirement)
  • 30 NOVEMBER for the summer semester 

Please note that the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava can not guarantee a place in the programme after the deadlines! 

How to study at the Faculty of Economics

The courses you have chosen may be organised as lectures, seminars, tutorials and projects. (Teaching methods include lectures, tutorials, seminars and casework). At the beginning of a semester your course tutor will provide you with a course description giving you the general framework of the course and the list of recommended or required reading. Some courses are attended by Czech and foreign students, but most of them are attended by Czech students only.

Lectures at the Faculty of Economics are taught:

  • in Czech - foreign students attend courses together with Czech students,
  • in English -foreign students attend courses together with Czech students,
  • in English - foreign students can attend selected courses in English, but these courses are only opened if a specified minimum number of students enrol,
  • in English – if fewer than the specified minimum number of students enrol, courses are conducted on the basis of tutorials
  • for a very limited number of courses, lectures can be given in other international languages on the basis of tutorials (German, Spanish).

Your Learning Agreement Form serves as a registration document for examinations. All examination dates will be announced by the relevant course tutor at the introductory lesson of each course. Results for oral or written examinations will be entered in our study system named EDISON. The Transcript of Records  will be sent to your university approximately three weeks after the examinations have finished.

Study of the Czech language: Students who are interested in acquiring a basic communicative knowledge of the Czech language may attend a once-weekly course in Czech to be held at the University in both semesters.


Orientation Days - 10.-13.9.2015

At the beginning of your stay in Ostrava , everything will be new: the country, university, city, people, and language. Therefore the Exchange Student Club organize a “Orientation Days” prior to the start of both the winter and summer semesters. During this days international students get to know some aspects of the country, city and Faculty. They contact the Faculty’s Erasmus coordinator and arrange a meeting to discuss the schedule of their programmes. The Faculty Erasmus coordinator will help them with all the necessary documents required for obtaining a student transport pass, access to the university canteen and library access.

Students also have a chance to meet their Czech counterparts. The highlight of this first week is a party with representatives of the Faculty. You will receive a detailed schedule of “Orientation Days” before your arrival in Ostrava.



Examinations can be taken throughout the whole of the academic year. Examinations may be oral, oral and written, or written. The type and date of examinations is determined by the relevant tutor at the beginning of the semester, individually, for each type of course. If a student fails in an examination, he/she can repeat it twice; the examiner will specify the retake dates. If you should fall ill and therefore be unable to participate in or complete an examination, you may be given permission to take the examination again. You must get a medical certificate from your doctor on the day of the examination and send it to the International Office. Students sitting for an examination must bring their own pens and a pocket calculator when necessary. The Faculty provides paper and only the officially provided paper may be used.

Grading system

The following table shows the grading system for the evaluation of foreign students studying at the Faculty of Economics on ERASMUS programmes (or other foreign students):

ECTS Grading ScaleFaculty of Economics GradeDefinition
A 1 excellent
B 2+ very good
C 2 good
D 3 satisfactory
E 3- sufficient
FX 4 fail
F 4 fail


Student canteens

One student canteen is located on the University campus, and another is in the city centre. There are five meals to choose from every lunchtime or dinnertime. The price of one meal is 2- 2,5 EUR.


Computer unit

An extensive Faculty computer network has been operating at the Faculty of Economics since 1991. It is also possible to use the internet via this network, which includes 12 central computers. They run under the operating systems Novell Net Ware and UNIX. The Faculty has about 550 workstations, a large number of which are located in computer classrooms available to students for the purpose of teaching and for independent work. Internet elements are gradually being applied to the internal operation of the Faculty computer network, and the Faculty operates its own www server which is available on the internet via the following URL address:

Exchange students can access the internet in the computer room at the Faculty of Economics, but we recommend you bring your own notebook with you to Ostrava .
All computer rooms are open Mon - Thurs from 7.00. to 20.00. and Fri from 7.00 to 17.00.




Calling within the Czech Republic :
Phone cards are available at most news stands and Post Offices. Value: CZK 200 and 300
International calls:
The country code for the is +420. It is possible to dial directly from the Czech Republic to the full range of foreign countries from call boxesusing a phone card. To make a direct call, dial 00 + country code + number.


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