Study programmes for degree international students

Complete Degree Programmes for International Full-time Students Taught in English Language


Bachelor’s Degree Programme in European Business Studies

Students follow obligatory courses (Organizational Behaviour, Strategic Management, European Business Law, Marketing Research,etc.) of which many reflect the EU context. In each semester students can also choose from wide offer of optional courses like International Business, E-business Application, International Monetary Relations, etc. In the last semester students participate in practical placement abroad or in the Czech Republic. Graduate primarily continue in the master  programme. They can also work in middle management positions in industry, trade or services. Graduates can find work in EU administration.

Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Finance

The aim of the Bachelor’s degree programme in Finance is to train qualified experts who will be able to perform specialized tasks and managerial functions in the field of finance at the medium managerial level. The courses are focused and profiled with respect to the future careers of graduates in the financial divisions and financial management of both non-financial institutions (manufacturing and business, public administration) and financial institutions (banks, investment companies, insurance companies).The content of the programme focuses mainly on acquiring knowledge and practical skills in the fields of
- financial management, costs, calculations and prices, accounting and taxes
- financial and capital markets, commercial and investment banking, insurance

Master’s Degree Programme in Finance

The objective of the Finance master study is to prepare highly qualified experts, who will be able to solve analytical tasks and work at managerial positions concerning financial area at middle and high level of management in companies and institutions. The study is structured and focused the way so that the graduates will practice in financial departments and in the financial management of non-financial institutions (production and business companies), financial institutions (commercial and investment banks, investment companies, insurance companies) and national economy (government and regional administration).

Master’s Degree Programme in Marketing and Business

The Master’s degree programme in Marketing and Business follows on from the Bachelor’s degree programme and improves students’ knowledge of areas necessary for actively influencing the market (marketing) and successful implementation of the products or services themselves (trade). The philosophy behind the design of the programme is focused on graduates’ future career requirements and the programme is built mainly around knowledge of the fields of marketing information systems, marketing management, market strategies, product management, price setting, commercial activities, the application of marketing concepts in the services sector, and foreign markets. Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge especially as marketing managers, commercial managers, marketing consultants, research workers, public relations specialists, and in similar roles.

Master’s Degree Programme in National Economy

Master study in Applied Economics, officially accredited as National Economy, offers a practical and comprehensive curriculum to students interested in the analysis and interpretation of real-world economic problems on a firm, country, European and global level. The program provides extensive training in the tools and methods necessary for understanding complex economic policy issues, industry trends, and analytic strategies within specialized fields of economics including labour, monetary, development and environmental economics. The graduates have strong skills in statistics and econometrics to use them in research and analysis of various economic problems. The program is intended for individuals seeking to begin or advance careers in large private companies, banking sector, consultancy institutions, non-profit and government agencies on local, national or international level.


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Doctoral Studies Programmes

Doctoral studies are offered in the following programmes: Economics, Economic Policy and Administration, Business and Management, Systems Engineering and Informatics
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