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The Department of Systems Engineering draws on the work done by its predecessors the Departments of Systems Engineering, Automated Management Systems in Economics and Information in Economics, including their long-term experience in training project specialists to develop complex systems in various areas of management. The Department coordinates the Bachelor´s degree programme Systems Engineering and Informatics, the Master´s and follow-on Master´s degrees in Systems Engineering and Informatics, and the doctoral degrees in Management Informatics and Systems Engineering.

Students can specialize on different fields of professional knowledge, which correspond with the main areas of scientific and practical focus of the department's staff:

  • econometric modeling and time series analysis,
  • mathematical programming and optimization (incl. stochastic and fuzzy approach applications),
  • multicriteria decision-making methods,
  • Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA),
  • analysis, design and implementation of Business Intelligence and data analysis systems,
  • project and process management in organizations,
  • risk management in organizations,
  • organization diagnostics and organization structures design.

This allows for a broadly conceived degree programme whose graduates are well prepared to react flexibly to the changing conditions on the labour market. The Department provides teaching for subjects related to the modelling and design of information, management and organizational systems. Specialist courses are targeted at information technologies, methods and techniques of project management, and a wide spectrum of software for management support. The Department also teaches support courses for the Faculty´s students focusing on normal user-level and advanced work with IT, as well as courses training users in the methods, approaches and tools for the support of management skills and business activities.

Staff members in editorial boards of important scientific journals

Doc. Mehdi Toloo, Ph.D.

editorial board member, journal Computers & Industrial Engineering (IF2016 = 2,623)

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