Department of Finance

The department of Finance is one of the key departments of the Faculty of Economics. It specializes in training financial experts, and provides tuition on the financial management of companies, the influence of the taxation system and the money and capital markets on company finances, banking, insurance, international finance including financial institutions, financial decision-making and modelling, the theory and practice of currency and fiscal policy, and the functioning of the financial system in the Czech Republic in comparison with the financial system in other developed countries.

The Department coordinates the degree in Finance (at Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral levels), which is also taught in English at Bachelor and doctoral levels. The cornerstone of the department’s activities lies in its provision of the Master´s degree in Finance. Graduates are able to find employment in the financial departments of manufacturing and commercial firms, as specialists in financial control, in management positions in the banking industry and other financial institutions, as financial and tax advisors, etc. The department staff coordinate and participate in teaching for the course Managing Finance, taught as a part of the MBA programme.

The department also trains students of other Master’s degrees at the Faculty of Economics, offering an attractive range of optional courses and special seminars. Since 1998 the Department has coordinated the doctoral study of Finance.

The Department is actively involved in research work (Czech Science Foundation, Ministry of Education grants) as well as contributing to the broader research projects of the University as a whole. It provides tuition in specialist seminars and organizes courses as part of lifelong and distance learning programmes focusing on financial company management, banking, capital markets, etc.

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