Department of Public Economics

The Department`s role is to provide teaching for the degree in Public Economics and Administration at all levels of study: Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral degrees. In addition to full-time study, the Bachelor's degree can also be studied in combined (part-distance) form in Ostrava and at a separate workplace in Šumperk. The staff of the Department also participate in teaching for other degree programmes at the Faculty.

The Department's specializations lie in public economics, management and decision-making in the public and civic sector, non-profit organizations, public administration, administration law, property valuation, public finance, regional administration finance, taxation theory, EU tax, theory and practice of social policy and social security, education, health care, culture, sport, security, defence, transport, technical infrastructure, and housing.

The research work of the Department focuses on socio-economic projects designed to meet the needs of state administration and local government at the national, regional and local levels. The Department participates in grant-funded projects.

The Department maintains working contacts with a number of related workplaces at universities and other higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad, and is a member of the Public Economics Association. Its members are involved in the activities of a range of specialist organizations both in the Czech Republic and in other countries.

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