Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics

The Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics provides teaching for all Master's and Bachelor's programmes and subjects at the Faculty of Economics. It also contributes tuition for doctoral programmes. The aim of the Department is to ensure that graduates are sufficiently able to make use of modern mathematical and statistical methods in economic theory and practice. It provides teaching at all levels of study, in the following courses: Mathematics, Statistics, Mathematic Economics, Applied Statistics, Econometrics, Economic Statistics, Financial Mathematics, Insurance Mathematics, Logistics, Multicriteria Methods for Managers.

The staff of the Department have introduced new methods and forms of using information and communication technologies in their teaching work. A large number of subjects are now supported via a web portal, and the Department also makes use of eLearning courses. Currently, the Department is involved in the preparation of the eLearning support and accreditation documentation for the follow-on Master's degree programme Quantitative Support of Management, which is offered in the form of distance study.

The Department's research activities focus mainly on fields connected with the evaluation of the socio-economic potential of regions, the modelling and simulation of multi-area regional structural models, the modelling of volatility on the financial and capital markets, the properties of algebra for non-commutative multi-value logic, the search for visualization methods, and the application of fuzzy relations.

The Department's members are involved in the activities of various professional organizations such as the Czech Economics Society, the Czech Society for Operational Research, the Czech Union of Mathematicians and Physicists, the Czech Statistical Society, the Czech Econometrics Society, the Czech Logistics Association, and the IFSA (International Fuzzy Systems Association).

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