Department of Economics Journalism

The Department of Economics Journalism is one of the youngest departments at the Faculty of Economics. It contributes to a strengthening of the humanities-oriented dimension of the study of the economic sciences at the Faculty. The main role of the Department is to provide theoretical teaching and practical training for students in the Bachelor's degree programme Economics Journalism. Graduates will be prepared to work as journalists in a range of media, especially the economic media, as well as occupying positions in media financial management and administration. In the future, the Department aims to extend the range of its activities to include the coordination of a Master's degree in the related subject of Marketing Communication. Due to its close links with the regional media, the University of Ostrava (Faculty of Arts), and Charles University, Prague (Faculty of Social Sciences - cooperation currently concerns externally provided teaching of specialist subjects), the Department is able to play an active role in the research projects of these workplaces. The Department coordinates the publication of Ekonomická revue (Economic Review), a journal published by the Faculty of Economics.

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