Department of Accounting and Taxes

The Department of Accounting provides lectures for the future economists in the area of financial accounting, banking accounting, insurance, and accounting of not-profit-making organizations (mainly budgetary and contribution organizations), business companies accounting, companies with foreign property participation and their harmonization at the level of international standards. 

Department`s activities do not include only instruction following from the curriculum. A great interest on the part of the public has resulted in the implementation of distance learning covering the field of accountancy and taxes. Department`s staff also gives lectures in the courses organized by the Institute of Doctoral and Managerial Studies.

The Department of Accounting is concerned with:

  • Giving lectures in Accounting, which encompasses the basics of accounting and financial accounting. This course is included in the common base of the study and is conceived as the basis for further complementary courses.
  • Instruction in further complementary courses associated with the master study that develop financial accounting according to the type of a business entity in the following way:
    • Accounting of business companies
    • Accounting of non-profit-making organizations
    • Accounting of banks and insurance companies
    • International accounting\r\n- Audit in accounting
    • Business Administration for Soleproprietorship
    • Balance sheet analysis and cash flow
    • Liquidation and Bankruptcy
    • Tax documentation of personal in comes and expenditures
    • Income taxes
    • Non-direct taxes
    • Property taxes
    • Tax consultation
    • Tax and duty administration.
    • Liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Also applied techniques of accounting data processing are part of Accounting. That is why a course providing students with the approach to the modern conception of accounting processing has been included in the instruction
    • Accounting on PC
  • By company costs management and the evaluation of accounting outcome as well as by the application of decision-making methods in the interdepartmental sphere the subject of accounting is becoming one of management and decision-making tools. Such conception is dealt with in the course of
    • Managerial accounting.

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