Department of Marketing and Business

The role of the Department of Marketing and Business is to train marketing and business professionals for the consumer, industrial and services markets.

The degree programme Marketing and Business is designed according to clearly structured principles. Bachelor degrees enable graduates to either enter the labour market or continue studying for a Master´s degree. In designing Bachelor programmes, the focus on teaching methods and the content of courses ensures that the programmes are more practically oriented, while the Master´s programmes focus more on general learning and the search for connections between theory and practice. The Department´s teaching activities centre around marketing research, the marketing mix, marketing management, consumer behaviour, commercial activity, commercial logistics, and international trade. The Department is gradually developing its teaching of marketing subjects in English, in order to train its students more effectively for the new conditions on the labour market following the Czech Republic´s EU entry.

The teaching team constantly develops the Department´s courses in order both to reflect theoretical developments and to forge connections between theory and practice. The Department maintains good levels of communication with students and cooperates closely with the business sector. The Department also participates in various courses abroad, and its staff are involved a range of specialist research projects. Businesses can take advantage of the Department´s short courses, which can be adapted to suit each company´s specific needs.

All of the Department´s activities are focused on ensuring that the Czech economy is internationally competitive with a strong supply of successful marketing and business professionals.

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