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"I would encourage them to go. Such an experience doesn't just broaden your horizon but it make you feel more connected to people coming from different cultures as well as it helps you grow as a person. The hardest thing during Erasmus? Definitely to leave Ostrava." 

Cristina, Romania RO

"It is an amazing experience that you should live, you will make new friends, travel a lot, learn new things and cultures and you will be so thankful to yourself if you decide to do that."

Zoi, Greece GR

"It's great. The students from the Czech Republic are very nice. Also the residences where the Erasmus students were staying are next to the university and the atmosphere is really great.  I have met so many great Czech people and Erasmus student.I would recommend the University of Ostrava.  

"It will be the best experience of your life, you will discover how people are similar and different at the same time and how strong can be the friendship."

Elisa, Italy IT

Very good university, great reception and consideration for Erasmus students. The courses are very interesting!  The teachers listen and understand us. Many activities are organized to make us feel comfortable and meet the Czech students!"

Emilien, France FR


"We discovered a smaller city but with as much charm and historical buildings as Prague."

Axelle, France FR

"Is a great adventure and completely changed my life. The best experience in my life and I will never regret it."

Pawel, Poland PL

"The teachers were welcoming, friendly, and attentive. Some of them even gave us some advice about life in Ostrava."

Méril, France FR