Faculty research activities

Research activities form an integral part of the core development plans of the Faculty of Economics. Among the main research priorities are the following:

  • Economic growth and the economic cycle in a competitive environment, quality of the institutional environment of economic policy
  • Financial analysis, management and modelling in financial and non-financial institutions
  • Issues related to the labour market (mobility, human capital) in a competitive environment, issues of migration (national, regional), human resources development
  • The European legal environment and the solution of disputes, especially international commercial disputes, competition law in industry, law governing non-tangible assets in general
  • European and international integration and its influence on the cohesion and competitiveness of regions
  • The creation of strategies for the development of towns, regions and cross-border regional development
  • Comparison of accounting and taxation systems in the Czech Republic and other European countries, relevant harmonization of standards
  • Effective management of organizations in competitive conditions using modern ICT
  • Analysis of the marketing environment, measurement of customer satisfaction in the context of globalization-related changes
  • Strategic management and innovation in the business sector
  • Analysis and modelling of the efficiency of organizations and institutions in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors
  • Analysis of the development of selected branches of the public sector, modernization of public policy and administration
  • Improving the quality of the information and knowledge infrastructure in eLearning
  • Issues of migration – national, regional
  • Development of human resources
  • Market analysis, situational marketing studies, prediction of consumption, measurement of customer satisfaction, etc.

Projects, grants, research programmes.

Both teachers and students of the Faculty play an active role in research and development projects and grants, including their preparation and the application of the results.
The Faculty is involved in research and development programmes coordinated by the Czech Science Foundation, the Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education and other relevant ministries.

Development projects are submitted for funding in accordance with the long-term development goals of the Faculty, and are mainly funded via the Ministry of Education development programmes, the Universities Development Fund, and structural funds.

The Faculty is also involved in the 7th Framework Programme.

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