History and today


VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava was founded in 1849 in Pribram, and in 1945 was moved to Ostrava, which became the main centre for the mining and metallurgical industries in the former . In 1973, most of the University was moved to a modern complex of buildings in Ostrava-Poruba.

Currently the VŠB -Technical University of Ostrava has seven faculties:

Almost 20,000 students study at these faculties. The smooth operation of the University is ensured by its capable staff of almost 2,000, with tuition being provided by over 900 lecturers. VŠB -Technical University of Ostrava is a public university. The main part of the university is located at the campus in Poruba; only the Faculty of Economics is situated in the centre of Ostrava.


The Faculty of Economics has always been relatively independent from VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava. It was founded in 1977 and today it has approximately 5,200 students and is the biggest faculty of the University. Tuition at the Faculty is provided by 220 lecturers in addition to numerous external teachers and experts employed in industry, commerce and the public sector. The Faculty of Economics offers a wide range of degree programmes – including Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral degrees – on a daily basis from the fields of economics, management, economic policy and administration, informatics and systems engineering. The Faculty also organises a number of short-term and long-term courses of lifelong education for companies, institutions and individuals. Graduates of the Faculty of Economics go on to make careers in companies, public administration, banking and individual business activity.

The international focus of the Faculty allows tuition to keep up to date with the latest developments in economic theory and managerial practice. Current academic knowledge from the Czech Republic and around the world is fully applied in the Faculty’s programmes, as is a wide range of experience of global world economic development. In conjunction with Liverpool John Moores University , the Faculty offers prestigious three-year MBA studies.

Teaching and research activities are carried out by means of fifteen departments: Economics, Management, Marketing and Business, Accounting, Regional Economics, Law, European Integration, Mathematical Methods in Economics, Business Administration, Public Economics, Finance, Applied Informatics, Systems Engineering, National Economics, Economics Journalism and the Institute of Doctoral and Managerial Studies. The Faculty also includes the International Office and the Computer Unit.

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